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    Coatings & Inks


    ??Other ?Functional Additives

    LUDOX? Colloidal Silicas, ZEOFLO????;and ZEOFOAMTM

    LUDOX? colloidal silicas offer broad flexibility for specific performance targets in a variety of applications including surface sealants. LUDOX? colloidal silicas and Lithium Polysilicate can be used to seal the surface of porous substrates such as wood, concrete, or surfaces coated with latex paints.

    LUDOX? colloidal silicas are used in inkjet coatings, steam/wetting promoters, and latex coatings and adhesives.

    With its small particle size, LUDOX? colloidal silica performs multiple functions in water-borne coating formulations. Particles in the smaller size range act as binders or co-binders adding strength and durability to the coating due to silica reactivity with other silica particles, metal surfaces, fillers, or organic polymers. Larger particle grades serve as surface modifiers.

    Download more about LUDOX? Colloidal Silicas:

    Learn more about Ludox Colloidal Silicas at Ludox.com


    ZEOFLO? anti-caking agents and ZEOFOAMTM? defoamer precursors are available from Grace in the European Economic Area.

    Effective Foam-Controlling Performance Materials

    • Easy to process
    • Uniform particle size
    • Effective in use
    • FDA conforming
    • Manufactured under GMP

    ZEOFOAMTM defoamer precursors are amorphous, inert synthetic silicon dioxide specially developed to facilitate the coalescing of foam bubbles. The silicas give full effect for macro or micro foam.

    ZeofoamTM 166 defoamer precursor is designed for in-situ hydrophobic surface treatment. ZEOFOAM? 166 is effective in a wide range of defoamers, from paints and coatings to paper.

    Zeoflo? TL anti-caking agent is a hydrophobic product that is pre-treated and ready for use in defoamer products.

    Consult your Grace representative to select the right products for your coatings formulations.


    Zeoflo? is a trademark, registered in the European Union and Norway, of Grace GmbH.
    ?Zeofoam? is a trademark of Grace GmbH in the European Economic Area only.